Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 22 - Feeling Better

Barbara is doing much better than before! She'll be on antibiotics for about a week longer, but already her infection seems to be calming down. :) She slept most of the day, but was very awake through the late afternoon and early evening. She hasn't been this wound up before, she was literally running laps around the apartment. I think that's a sign she's feeling much better!

We were going to have a follow up meeting with our regional coordinator on Monday, but because neither one of us was feeling well, we're having it tomorrow afternoon.


  1. normally labby loops drive me crazy, but when they've been sick it's good news.

  2. Barbara, you look like quite the ambitious pup with that giant bone. It's good to hear that your feeling like yourself again- labby loops are always a good sign :)