Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 13 - A New Friend and a Big Yard!

Photo by Carol Smalley

Playing puppy ping-pong!

Barbara's had a lot of energy the last two days, so she needed some outdoor exercise. She can't go for walks yet because she hasn't finished getting all of her vaccines, so we were invited over to my friend's yard to play. It's fenced-in, so Barbara could play off-leash. She loved it!

She also got to meet my friend's pug, Buddy. He has a Twitter account, @buddythepug. He wasn't in a playful mood, but it was good for her to get to meet an older dog. Tomorrow, she'll get to meet some other puppies in the program at our first puppy class!

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  1. she is super cute!! you are going to have lots of fun with her!!