Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 2 - A New Bed

Apart from having to go out every two-three hours, Barbara had a restful night's sleep in her kennel. This morning, she was given a bed to relax on when she's not crated. It may seem big now, but she'll grow into it soon.

Today, she was exposed to a lot of new things. She can't go for walks on the sidewalks yet because she's not fully vaccinated, but she can walk around the yard. Today, she got to see cars, a motorcycle, squirrels in the trees nearby, and even heard a chainsaw. So far, nothing has really surprised her. She has a great personality!

I'd also like to thank Mimi and Cabana from their blog, Ours for a Lifetime, for linking to our blog! :)


  1. You're welcome, Elise! I love that soft blue corduroy for Barbara's bed. I wouldn't mind sleeping on it myself!

  2. Barbara - you are adorable and excited to follow your journey. Wish I could just pick you up and cuddle with you!

  3. I love watching baby puppies discover new things. Seeing the little cogs in thier head turning, it's great. I am so excited to get a new bundle soon. . . I am not, however, excited to say goodbye to my Paris. That's always the hard part. :D

  4. She is soo little, its hard to remember my own pup was that small just a few weeks ago!!