Thursday, July 22, 2010

Barbara Works with a New Person

Photos by Carol Smalley

Barbara got to work with a new person, Jody, for this week's class. Jody is a Guiding Eyes puppy sitter for our region. She'll be taking care of Barbara for us for a week soon. Puppy sitters have to go through the same training as the puppy raisers so that everyone involved with the raising of the puppies knows the proper commands and house rules.

The class was focused on keeping a connection with the teams of handlers and puppies.

For our next class, we'll have a more formal one on one session, kind of like a Walk and Talk, to make sure Barbara is where she needs to be in her training and development right now.


  1. Great pictures! Is this Barbara's first Walk and Talk? I'm sure she will do amazing! :) She has gotten so big already! Pats to her from me, Dahlia (14 month old GEB pup), and Halsa (9 week old GEB pup)

  2. Wow! I can't believe Barbara is that old already! How time flies. Do you have any recent photos to post? I've missed watching her progress the last month or so. The pictures of Blondie, Baxter and Barbara all hurtling around the field is so cute. Bet they have a blast being together in the same group.

  3. How are things going with you and Barbara? I hope things are going great! Looking forward to an update soon :)