Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiring Out the Puppies

Practicing "Heel"

Barbara was tired for this week's class, so she needed some extra coaxing to do some of the commands (little pieces of boiled chicken, a really high value treat). But even if she hadn't been tired, she seems to be settling down during class times a little more. She didn't bark once during class this week!

Why was she so tired? She played hard with her siblings and their friend Jean before class began:

(No Barbara in that photo, but it was too cute not to share!)

All photos by Carol Smalley


  1. She looks so grown up in the first photo!

  2. Those are such cute photos of all the pups playing together. I love their giant paws!

  3. You're really good at telling them apart!! Such cute photos!

  4. They all have different collars on, which makes it easy to tell them apart, at least for me. Barbara's also the darkest of the three yellows, so even from far away I know which one is her.