Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Class with a New Pup

Practicing "Come"

Barbara (black collar), Blondie (blue collar), and new puppy Jean (the only black lab in our class right now)

Blondie (blue collar), Barbara (black collar), and Jean (black lab)

All photos by Carol Smalley

Class was held inside this week because the dogs need to be able to perform in all environments. We practiced "Come," "Sit," "Down," "Heel," "Stand," and a few other commands. Barbara hadn't been feeling well this week, so she wasn't on her best behavior for class, but she's feeling better now and we're working with her on all of her commands.

We have a new puppy in our region, Jean! She's a black lab that's almost a month younger than Barbara and her siblings. It's hard to believe that puppies can grow so fast in one month, but somehow they do!

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  1. They look like they're having such fun together. I love how Barbara has her teeth in Blondie's fur!