Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 43 - Class Outside

Barbara exploring a slide for the first time.


Practicing "Get Dressed," where Barbara has to put her head through whatever is presented to her. Here, it's a large collar. Later, it will be her cape and hopefully a harness.

Barbara, Blondie, and Baxter. (It's hard to get puppies to pose!)

Practicing "down" and "stay."

Jolee playing with Barbara, Blondie, and Baxter.

All photos by Carol Smalley.

We got to have class outside this week! The puppies and people all enjoyed it. We were out in the dog run, and along the fence there were different stations. At each station, there would be a sign with a command written on it, which we would then have to do. Barbara did well with the commands. She also began to learn two new commands, "Go Place," which is where she lays on her bed on command, and "Over," which is where she lays entirely on her side.

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  1. That slide looks fun! I remember out first dog Olga LOVED the slide. Everytime we went to the park, we had to visit the kiddie slide so she could have some fun. Barbara's face peeping over the top is precious.